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This is the home page for The Millions NE, the band known as The Millions in the 1980's & 1990's.

Summer 2013

"M is for Millions"
(2013 version) is available for purchase!

This new release contains 21 songs spread across two CDs.  None of these songs/versions have ever appeared on CD (or download) before.  Disc one contains the original cassette release of the “M is for Millions” demos, and the second disc features another 11 previously unreleased tracks/versions.  The band feels this new release is the ultimate version of "M is for Millions".

Track listing:

“M is for Millions” (disc one)

1) Guilty
2) Ruth Starkman
3) Ordinary Men
4) Riga
5) West
6) Agnus Dei (second version)–different than POISON FISH version
7) In My Heart
8) Other Crimes
9) Scream
10) Sometimes

“M is for Millions Sessions” (disc two)

All tracks/versions are previously unreleased:

1) Kisses Without Sugar
2) Breathe (second version)–different than POISON FISH version
3) Beautiful Thought
4) Be Good To Me
5) Smiling & Shaking
6) Something For Nothing (second version)–different than POISON FISH version
7) Voices
8) In The Alley
9) Take My Money (second version)–different than POISON FISH version
10) Newport Bridge
11) Stare In Disbelief

To purchase CDs and downloads please click here.

Spring/Summer 2013

To celebrate the upcoming release of the CD/download of M is for Millions, the band is playing three special shows this Summer!

July 26 at The Waiting Room in Omaha, NE.  Tickets are on sale now.  Click for tickets.
July 27 at The Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS.
August 17 at The Maha Music Festival in Omaha, NE.  Click here for more info.

A live video of the band performing the song "Poison Fish" at The Bourbon Theatre is available on the Hear Nebraska web site.  Click here for the video.


On Dec. 1 the band played a reunion concert at The Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska. Lori Allison, Harry Dingman III, Marty Amsler and new drummer Brandon McKenzie played to over 500 fans.  The show was a celebration of the release of Poison Fish, a 21 song CD of rare and unreleased recordings from the earliest days of the band.